Пройдите наш небольшой тест и узнайте свой уровень английского языка!

1. My _______ are full of books in English!
2. This is my _____ favorite manual of English.
3. There are _______ beautiful beaches in Malta.
4. They _________ to school last Monday.
5. When can we have lunch?
6. Where do you work?
7. I’m going to travel around Malta.
8. Let’s start watching the film.
9. Would you prefer going to Spain or to Italy?
10. There are two plates ____ fruit on the table.
11. The heat made _______ buy new swimsuits.
12. It was _________ the whole day, I had no idea what to do at home.
13. That’s the woman, ________ son won the boat race.
14. I’m sorry, I _______ go home and pack my luggage for the trip.
15. They ______ already ______ each other for 25 years.
16. I ______ to New York next week.
17. No matter what I was saying, he _______ not listen to me.
18. Your friend behaves ______ a child.
19. In my childhood I ______ visit my grandmother every weekend.
20. I prefer _______ sightseeing to ________ in the sun.
21. He ________ that he wants to find a nice flat near the sea.
22. We can’t do anything but _______ this beauty.
23. While _______ dinner we discussed many questions.
24. They _________ on the street.
25. I am so glad _______ this job.

Пожалуйста, оставьте нам свои контакты и мы пришлем вам правильные ответы.